Steam and condensate for paper machines

Depending on the thickness of the paper, of the production speed and of the weight of the paper, more than 100 tons of steam per hour are necessary.

One ton of steam is about 20 – 25 Euro. When producing 8200 hours/year the steam requirement of about 100 tons/hour will cost ca.16.400.000 Euro to 20.500.000 Euro.

Saving one ton of steam per hour leads to a reduction of 164.000 to 205.000 Euro per year. At the need of ca. 100 t/h it is always possible to save one ton of steam! However, you have to know how!

The aim of every steam and condensate plant should be to create a closed system. That means the steam which is fed into the pm for drying the paper should be completely used for heating the dryer and after may be for the other consumer of heat energy. There must be a problem with plants which blow off the steam into the atmosphere or heat up the cooling water from the auxiliary condenser in such way it would be able to heat up whole cities.

Often the reasons are:

  • Wrong operation because of missing training
  • Modified operation conditions in contrast to the original layout design
  • Wrong layout by the planning engineer
  • No ideas or no knowledge of the planning engineer

The question is, whether the operator of the pm really wants a re-build for energy optimization, and is he able to do this. Mostly everybody knows the problems, but the costs for a re-build seem to be too high.

If after the re-build one ton of steam is saved, the re-build will pay for itself after one or two years.


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